How We’re Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic

The full extent of COVID-19’s global impact is yet to be known. What we do know is that economies worldwide are already taking a knock, South Africa being no exception.

It is estimated that there are over 2.3 million small businesses in South Africa, providing jobs to over 5.8 million people. And with the current crisis, these businesses, and the people they employ, will be the most impacted.
Our sole purpose as a business is to empower and support local business owners, and we cannot lie, we are nervous about the impact this pandemic will have on the businesses in (and outside of) our circle. As we’ve watched the rand weaken over the last few days, we’ve spent a lot of time brainstorming ways to alleviate some of the coming pressure for our vendors, and while we haven’t quite found the answer yet, we know there is one simple, obvious way we can lend a hand: free delivery.

Starting today, we will be offering free delivery on all products and orders, site-wide.

We hope this will encourage more and more people to continue to support and buy local.
Over the next while, we will be working to find more ways to offer support – both to local makers and businesses, and to the communities they exist in, so look out for news on that.
Here’s wishing you all good health and peace-of-mind!

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